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Lynne Hilderman, RMT

Lynne Hilderman, RMT



Lynne HildermanLynne Hilderman is a Core Alignment Specialist, Emotional Wisdom Trainer and a 2200 hr Registered Massage Therapist. She is all about creating movement, functionality, and flow in your body and your being. She can help you resolve muscular tension providing relief for your aches and pains. She will get you moving in places that might be restricted and provide resources for greater functionality.

She and her husband have been part of the alternative health industry, working with chronic pain and injury since 1993. They own and operate Britannia Bodywork and Wellness Centre working together with other practitioners. Through this extensive experience, her love of life and eagerness to connect with others, she is able to assist you in:

  • getting your projects off the ground
  • making those stiff body parts feel less achy
  • having more fun with your family
  • traveling to new destinations.

Lynne’s gifts create nurturing environments that provide harmonization of all aspects of your wellbeing – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

She will:

  • Provide gentle effective muscular skeletal body care to relieve the tensions of life
  • Guide you to recognize and clear the beliefs that are holding you back
  • Educate you on your options for continued functionality in your body and life
  • Assist you to implement new neural pathways that can create enjoyment, movement and flow
  • Facilitate you to “write amazing songs” “creating a choir” within all areas of life that are important to you

She welcomes you and is there to guide your desire to make a difference in your life, your family and your community.

Contact Lynne and start noticing results, enjoying the freedom of flow, movement and functionality.


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“Lynne is a highly effective and compassionate health coach. Her deep listening skills and questioning process during each of our coaching sessions helped me to dive deeper to discover the real purpose of my challenges in life. Lynne’s compassionate voice and patient coaching process helped me to unravel the multitude of emotions that were keeping me from realizing the gifts from these life challenges. I appreciated the spiritual part of our coaching sessions as this brought me back to my life purpose with more focus and passion. I highly recommend Lynne Hilderman as a health coach and greatly value her in my life.”

Monica D. Traystman, Ph.D.
President, Healthy Spirit, Inc.
San Diego, CA