Why You Have Low Back Pain and How To Eliminate it

Do you have low back pain?
Would you like to know how to eliminate it at home?

Geoff Dakin is the author of the upcoming book “The Body Mechanic’s Handbook: Why You Have Low Back Pain and How To Eliminate it at Home”.  The book is scheduled to be released on Amazon this December.

The Body Mechanic’s Handbook is written in three distinct parts. lower back pain, Calgary, physiotherapy, massage, joint pain, Britannia, massage calgary sw

In Part One Geoff debunks common myths surrounding the causes of chronic low back pain that could interfere with a person’s ability to eliminate the underlying cause of their pain.

In Part Two he outlines what really is important in regards to the development of chronic pain in the lower back.

Part Three consists of a step-by-step protocol of self-assessment and corrective exercise called “The Solution” that is designed to eliminate pain via improved bony alignment and muscle balance.

Geoff is passionate about assessing and treating the body as a three dimensional entity and using safe/appropriate corrective exercise to reorganize the body away from painful, inefficient postures.

Few people would ever deprive themselves of food or water to the point of damaging their bodies. However, it is extremely common for people to suffer for years with chronic joint misalignment that eventually results in structural damage.

Don’t be that person!

If you’re sick and tired of having chronic pain and are willing to make the transition from helpless victim to empowered student, act now and book an appointment with Geoff today!

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