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Art of Feminine Presence Events

    Art of Feminine Presence DROP-IN SCHEDULE       We offer a Summer Drop-in Schedule for the AMAZING women (that’s YOU) who are attracted to the SIMPLE, SUBTLE AND YET PROFOUND IMPACT OF THE PRACTICES of AFP.   Women have reported feeling: more open and grounded (which led to one woman having a …

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Mexican Paradise Retreat 2014

Mexican Paradise Retreat 2014   Welcome to Radiance Rejuvenation in Paradise  … a 4-Day Oceanside Retreat in Mexico   November 8-12th, 2014 ~*~ November 15-19th, 2014     Are you feeling drained by tension and stress … and dreaming of a peaceful escape into serenity and relaxation? Maybe you’re ready to align your dreams with your …

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Wellness Events

Perhaps you are convinced that there’s more to life than making money and raising a family. And perhaps you’re not satisfied with the answers that other people, various institutions, and the media are telling you to believe. That there’s something missing, but you don’t know what that is. Instead of spending a lifetime trying to figure …

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